When Conspiracies Fail

Kelly James Clark
5 min readJan 7, 2021


by Sid Jansma, Jr.*

As a little kid, my dad took my brother, David, and me (ages 3 and 4) to buy our mom a Christmas present. We went to a lovely jewelry store and, after a while, Dad picked out a locket that sparkled to our great delight. We were told on the way home that this gift was our secret surprise to mom for Christmas. We all agreed to keep the secret.

Upon arriving home, like a puppy released from its leash, I gleefully ran into the house and up to my mom to assure her that we did not buy her a locket at the jewelry store!

Although I believed I had kept the secret (and I suppose technically I had), the gig was up. The secret revealed. Our “conspiracy” thwarted in less than 45 minutes.

I’ve returned to this lovely memory as post-election narratives of voter fraud have grown over the past months. Conspiratorial claims of fraud — from dead voters to commie-built computers — have all been revealed as fact-free fake news. I hate to mention them because their mere mention, their repetition is enough for many to think them true.

Of the nearly 60 frivolous, fact-free lawsuits filed in various courts including the Supreme Court, Trump’s side won just a single, minor, short-lived, victory.

The courts patiently heard case after case, but no Trump-defender offered a single shred of credible evidence of widespread voter fraud. Lots of wild claims, fist-pounding, and shouting; no evidence. Every court ruled, “Not True!” to claims of widespread voter fraud.

Sobering news to even the most conspiracy-minded: most of the judges in most of these courts, including the Supreme Court, were Republican-appointed. Not fertile ground for “The Deep State.” None of these mostly Republican courts supported Trump because none of these judges was presented with any evidence of widespread voter fraud.

Despite repeated promises of The Great Reveal, no evidence of widespread fraud was ever revealed.

There was a lot of confident bravado and self-assured talk. But saying is not the same as showing.

What evidence was shown? None. Nothing. Nada. Zippo.

The truth is: Joseph Biden won a free and fair election.

Even Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, acknowledges Biden’s victory. And now, faced with threats of lawsuits for libel (aka, deliberately spewing untruth), right-wing media outlets Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News have stated clearly that they have NO EVIDENCE of election improprieties.

The gig is up. The secret revealed. Every allegation of conspiracy and fraud thwarted in less than 45 days.

In spite of Trump’s repeated assaults on Democracy and truth — including telling Georgia’s top election official (a Republican) to ‘find’ enough votes to overturn the election result — the final vote count stands: 51.3% for the winner and 46.9% for the loser.

Christians, of all people, should be committed to the truth.

And the truth, as found in our scriptures, calls us to

  • obey the government (Romans 13),
  • give thanks and pray for the ruler (I Tim 2),
  • submit to the ruler (Titus 3)
  • honor the ruler (I Peter 2).

Our government — through its lower courts, Supreme court, governors of states, the electoral college and, soon, Congress — is combining to affirm the truth that Biden is the fairly elected President of the United States. We must accept that truth, and when Biden takes office, it will be our duty to obey, give thanks, submit and honor.

The verses that command Christians to submit to and respect their governments, also command Christians to speak the truth; speaking truth, a hallmark of good character, is a God-given way of showing respect to others and submission to God (who is Truth).

Resisting the truth that Biden won a free and fair election weakens our Trump-damaged democracy and emboldens right-wing extremist assaults on America. Moreover, it runs contrary to God’s command that we seek and speak the truth.

Let us all say respectfully (if not, in every case, gladly): “There was no massive fraud in the election.”

Then let us all say (if not, in every case, gladly): “I will respect and pray for the next President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden Jr.”

Given the massive challenges that the new Administration will face — the coronavirus, widespread unemployment, a sick economy, massive debt, and, frankly, our Trump-inspired denigration of the truth — let us begin praying now for wisdom and justice and compassion on the part of our next President.

In the meantime, let’s resist all of the falsehoods that prevent our good will toward our new President. The alleged voter conspiracy is false. Trump’s victory is false. Democrats don’t hate America, and Biden won’t lead us into Marxist-communism. These are lies, propagated by the Father of Lies, to divide us and generate strife and incite violence.

And, as seen on January 6, Trump’s lies indeed incited violence, suffering and death.

Of these false things, “conspiracies” you might call them — the gig is up. The secret revealed. Each conspiracy has been thwarted.

As we recommit to the truth, let us follow the Apostle Paul’s advice: seek peace, and obey our newly forming Government.

*Sidney J. Jansma, Jr., is a co-founder of Republicans and Independents for Biden. He is Chairman of the Board, Wolverine Gas and Oil Corp. Former Chair of the Board of Bethany Christian Services and Calvin Theological Seminary. Member of the Board, Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities.



Kelly James Clark

Senior research fellow Kaufman Interfaith Inst. Author of many books including Religion & the Sciences of Origins, Abraham’s Children & upcoming God & the Brain